healinggoddess2WELCOME SISTERS!

“The original Lemurian Sisterhood was practiced within all parts of Lemuria, both the mother mountain, and the descendant islands and mainland settlements. It lasted far past the “akashic growth centuries,” and continued to spread around the earth until it was all but forgotten due to survival attributes and the beginning of the conquering eras of your history. It outlasted the “exclusive expression” attributes of the original Lemuria and made it into some of the most secret societies all over the Earth. It was renamed and even denied by those women who kept it dear, but eventually the Priestesses themselves perished due to the unbalance that was rolling over Humanity. But it never left the akash of the old soul. Like the whispers of a past love, it was always ready to re-emerge and rekindle itself with the fire of compassion for all of Humanity.

The marker has been passed, and the new calendars are being prepared. It’s now time to remember and resurrect the sacred balancing methods of the past, and push them into the future. Priestesses, arise.”

KRYON, given by Lee Carroll the original Kryon Channel 2013


Amber Wolf, PhD invites you to create new traditions from the ancient sacred Lemurian Sisterhood. Together we can help create a more balanced, peaceful and powerful planet.

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